Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Well done, online store, well done.

Okay. You know how you have those pesky websites that are determined for the person buying to be 18 and over?
Well, I was creating an account under my Mum's birth year, and when I clicked "Create Account", a pop up...popped up.

"You must be 18 and over" and bla bla bla bla.

Now, you get the picture. THIS IS OBVIOUSLY A GLITCH.
My Mum is waaay over 18 if you know what I mean.
 So I busted out laughing and my Mum was looking at me like I was an escapee from an asylum for crazy people.

Well done.

Welp, as you know I/ Adaline (Not Adi) started another blog, strictly for the dolls/her. So, if you like AG, please go over -> Here!

With much love, 


  1. Smooth, online store. Smooth. xD

    1. My mum was more happy about it than I was xD