Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Well done, online store, well done.

Okay. You know how you have those pesky websites that are determined for the person buying to be 18 and over?
Well, I was creating an account under my Mum's birth year, and when I clicked "Create Account", a pop up...popped up.

"You must be 18 and over" and bla bla bla bla.

Now, you get the picture. THIS IS OBVIOUSLY A GLITCH.
My Mum is waaay over 18 if you know what I mean.
 So I busted out laughing and my Mum was looking at me like I was an escapee from an asylum for crazy people.

Well done.

Welp, as you know I/ Adaline (Not Adi) started another blog, strictly for the dolls/her. So, if you like AG, please go over -> Here!

With much love, 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

About Me

Under Construction

Code name: Mads, Mada, Madi or Maddie
Birth Name: Madaline Maswell 
DOB: Its in the brief case.

Color: Cyan Blue or Baby Blue
Music: Lindsey Stirling, TobyMac, Owl City, Jamie Grace
Candy: Skittles or Watchamacallit
Article of Clothing: Baggy teeshirt

Pet Peeve:  Incorrect Grammar.

Favorite Quotes: "You must not quote yourself!" ~Madaline M.

Monday, July 27, 2015

~Kamikaze Over Me~

Alright so I think I am doing  sort of good with the blog :]
So I need answers, how do I put tabs on this here thingy? (I always love saying 'this here')
And also, as Adi knows, I do have AG dolls but I don't know whether to mix them here or make a whole nother blog for them.

Anyways! I have decided that everyone of my rambling posts shall have an Owl City lyrics as the title! So Comment below what the next one shall be. C:



                                           Can someone just, y'know, buy me the BatMan one? ;)

"Just because I don't squeal over those life threatening tall pencil heels does not mean I am not a girl." ~Me 

This is so sad ;-; I need a hanky. Someone.

;-; I'm sorry if I'm making you cri today. :'c

This is totally true. 


Alright, that's the end of today's rambling! 


Friday, July 24, 2015

~It's easy to say that'd I'd rather stay Awake when I'm asleep~

Welp! I'd like to briefly introduce myself before entering into my world of rambling!
My name is Madaline but you can call me Maddie or Madi. I'm simply as my blog name states, an introvert who is a nerd with a blog.

Anyways! Lettuce move on.

My favorite songs.

#Favorite song #1
I am in love with Adam Young. His face is just so AUGH CUTE. And don't deny it either.


Tobymac is purely awesome.



I also LOVE books.

Quick shout out to Adaline! She was the one who inspired me to start this blog, and she never said a word to me about starting a blog. She is also the greatest :')



Welcome to my blog, The Introverted Nerd Girl. This is where I ramble and rant about my fandoms and  my life.
Sorry this is so short. There is more to come, I promise. C: