Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Alright, so I know my previous posts have been filled with Adam Young, Lindsey Stirling, apologies from being  kinda inactive, but I'm going to introduce the other side of Mads today.

I'm going to talk about Minecraft.

Now, I know people make minecraft to be known as 'building blocks- surviving the night-' but there's totally more to it than that,
Exhibit A-

It's a place to build and decorate.

Exhibit B-
Selfie with people.

Exhibit C-
And good deeds and build orphanages!

So if you play minecraft, don't be shy! There are probably millions who play minecraft! You aren't the only one! 

So be proud! 

Note: All of these exhibits were taken on the server ''
The website is: Meepcraft

Do YOU play Minecraft? What are your opinions on minecraft? What is your Username if you do play Minecraft?

(Sorry this is kind of lame ;-;)

Saturday, December 26, 2015


Well well well, here's the Christmas thing post I promised! I don't have the photos for my haul yet, so stay tuned!


So. let's talk about how beautiful this girl is, and how she keeps her age.

This girl is 29.
That's right. She's almost 30.

Snoop <3 (Am I the only one obsessed with Peanuts? *cough*)
This picture describes me perfectly when I make something for a fandom and my parents are just like 'good job honey. now where you gonna put it' attitude. 
Schroeder: Keep your eyes on whatchu doin, Schroeder. Don't look at her.
And then we have this sly guy, charming as a cactus and as slimy as an eel. (Mister Grinch!)
Welp, I hope you guys have all had a merry Christmas!

What did you guys get for Christmas? Comment Below! :) 

Monday, December 21, 2015


Oh man..
I'm in trouble now, kiddos.

Okay, I'm sorry I have been such a lazy gal ;-; Forgive me, you guys. *gets on hands and knees*

BUT! The good news is, Christmas break is soon, and I can spam you guys with Christmas lyric posts! And maybe do a Christmas haul post thingymajig.

Thanks you guys <3