Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Alright, so I know my previous posts have been filled with Adam Young, Lindsey Stirling, apologies from being  kinda inactive, but I'm going to introduce the other side of Mads today.

I'm going to talk about Minecraft.

Now, I know people make minecraft to be known as 'building blocks- surviving the night-' but there's totally more to it than that,
Exhibit A-

It's a place to build and decorate.

Exhibit B-
Selfie with people.

Exhibit C-
And good deeds and build orphanages!

So if you play minecraft, don't be shy! There are probably millions who play minecraft! You aren't the only one! 

So be proud! 

Note: All of these exhibits were taken on the server ''
The website is: Meepcraft

Do YOU play Minecraft? What are your opinions on minecraft? What is your Username if you do play Minecraft?

(Sorry this is kind of lame ;-;)

Saturday, December 26, 2015


Well well well, here's the Christmas thing post I promised! I don't have the photos for my haul yet, so stay tuned!


So. let's talk about how beautiful this girl is, and how she keeps her age.

This girl is 29.
That's right. She's almost 30.

Snoop <3 (Am I the only one obsessed with Peanuts? *cough*)
This picture describes me perfectly when I make something for a fandom and my parents are just like 'good job honey. now where you gonna put it' attitude. 
Schroeder: Keep your eyes on whatchu doin, Schroeder. Don't look at her.
And then we have this sly guy, charming as a cactus and as slimy as an eel. (Mister Grinch!)
Welp, I hope you guys have all had a merry Christmas!

What did you guys get for Christmas? Comment Below! :) 

Monday, December 21, 2015


Oh man..
I'm in trouble now, kiddos.

Okay, I'm sorry I have been such a lazy gal ;-; Forgive me, you guys. *gets on hands and knees*

BUT! The good news is, Christmas break is soon, and I can spam you guys with Christmas lyric posts! And maybe do a Christmas haul post thingymajig.

Thanks you guys <3

Monday, October 19, 2015

The month of October~

This month has been very busy haa :/
School started in late August, and I hate it already. Although I'm loving spanish hehe

 My jam is basically..LINDSEY.
I'm pretty sure my background tells you nothing of how I love Lindsey Stirling. *scatters sarcasm around*

Just a quick FYI:

Yes. I'm a sucker for Amish books.
Romance. Amish books. at that.
So while I may look hipster and all that jazz, I'm secretly dreaming of being in an Amish Romance.
Haaaaaaaaaah! xD

Okay, so I don't know how to explain this
but I'm obsessed with
hoodies. boots. 
IT'S SO FLIPPING COLD, PEOPLE. WHO WOULDN'T BE. *snuggles into fortress of blankets*

that's basically the end of it for October
But guys, I need suggestions for posts. I can't just write a post titled "hi" and expect to entertain you awesome people! So comment below some suggestions for moi, okie?

One last thing.

(P.S Shout out to Maddie, her followers are going down, guys, and she deserves better than that! So shoo, go check her out and follow her!)

Saturday, October 17, 2015

I rip off the wrapping and tear through the box till I end up with 45 new pairs of socks

Hello! AAAND welcome to the nerd edition of

aaaand let's get started ^_^


Yes. This perfectly describes my life.

I always wonder what it would be like to...
not know the lyrics of my favorite songs

"why yes, yes I am" ~Phineas from Phineas and Ferb

*ahem* *coughs* ah hah, sorry >.>

I like this.
I want this.
*narrator voice* the culprit is 
*cough* He died in the books anyways heh....
O.o Wow
I remember that episode....

Walter, yet again. :P
                                                                 I never do this outloud, I just kind of
                                                                               Suffer inside.
well said, Taylor, well said. 

Well, I'm sorry I didn't have too much for ya'll, But I hope you all enjoyed it ^_^

(BTW,  TIND should be updated sometime soon, I have reviews and stuff for that blog ^_^)

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Forgive me you guys...

I am so so so sorry!
It's been a couple of months ;-;
But, I will most likely be more active for now on. 

Shout outs to my favorite Bloggers~

Thanks guys <3 
I love you all!

Monday, August 24, 2015




Somebody help me pls. Liek, homework is piling on me and.. the..walls..are...caving in... send for Bilbo... and Aslan....

But really, the first week of school and I'm pummeled. I think they work together to form this huge cannon that shoots out homework.
Yeah, anyways, I'll post a civilized post later!

Cya Later, my evil Alligator <3

Thursday, August 13, 2015


Please forgive me, you guys! I have been such an awful blogger. I didn't even tell you what I was doing, where, etc.

The main reason I was gone is because I am setting up for school.
The original plan was to start in September.
Buuut, since I'm kind of eager to get started, I'm starting next week. The 17th.

 It ought to be interesting this year, because I have Spanish 1 this year, so don't be surprised if I practice some lingo on here-o!
Here-o = hero? :O
I'm also doing school online this year! I did it one time before, but for some reason Mom pulled me out of it. The awesome part about it, is that it has a "blog" (really more like a forums) that other homeschoolers doing online can connect with! I have met at least 70% of my online friends from there.


Laters, Gators!


Friday, August 7, 2015

Rip: Madaline Maswell Birthyear- school year 2015 Bonus: Life as a homeschooler.

Alright, I'm completely nervous.
As some of you may know, I am homeschooled. (Tell me all homeschoolers are lazy and are dumb, and you'll get your little nose bashed. :P)
My mum ordered my school stuff, but I prolly won't start until like early September- late August. So while you lovely people are doing school, I'll have some posts up for you guys to read. :)

And for the time we have all waited for.......................

I announce that soon, I will start a series called......

                                    Life As A Homeschooler!
After I start school, every Friday I will tell my week of school. It will be somewhat of a diary. 

Anyways, that's all. :)


Q & A!

First  set of Questions is from Olivia from AGgeeks!

 1) Do you have any pets? Answer: Yes! I have 4 dogs, 3 labs and a borador, 17 ducks, 5 chickens, a turtle, and quail. 
2) Who is your all-time favorite book character? Answer: Oh man... I would have to say... most likely Lucy Pensevie from The Chronicles of Narnia. 
3) What is your favorite song at the moment? Answer: Hmmm.. most likely "Gold" by Britt Nicole. 

Next set of Questions is from Maddie from DOMM.

1.) top three favorite blogs? Answer: Silhouette Stuff of Stories, and LHOAG
2.) favorite band/artist? Answer: Most likely tobyMac.
3.) favorite part of blogging so far? Answer: Connecting to people who have things in common with me.
4.) if you could change your name to anything, what would it be and why? Answer: Christy. I just like the name :3
5.) if you could meet anyone in the world, who would it be? Answer: Queen Elizabeth. Hands down.

that's all of the questions :3

If you want me to answer anymore questions, just comment and I'll answer! :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

I have officially reached 10 followers! | Q & A

Well, I told Adi and maddie that when I reach 10 followers, I'll do a Q & A. And guess what? It starts now! Just comment down below the Questions and I'll answer them!

Edit: Please ask the questions by 9:00 pm EST 8/5/15

Thank you guys SO much. 

Also, a quick shout out to my friend maddie! She claims I'm really sweet, but I say that she's really cool and sweet B) 

Monday, August 3, 2015

Happy Beginning of August!

Here is the over view of my month of July:

My birthday was in the beginning of July, so it was a pretty good day. :)

July 4th was great! Ate with my brothers and my sister in law and my niece.

Around the middle of July, I started doing an act in my church's Children's church as this crathy girl with a lithp. ;)

Around the same time, I rediscovered tobyMac and Jamie Grace. Epic.

And finally, July 24th, I started this blog!

Currents ~of the wind~

Music: "Should have been me" by Citizen Way

Reading: Little House on The Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder

Drinking: Lemonade. It's hot as.. hot!

Should I do a Q & A?

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Well done, online store, well done.

Okay. You know how you have those pesky websites that are determined for the person buying to be 18 and over?
Well, I was creating an account under my Mum's birth year, and when I clicked "Create Account", a pop up...popped up.

"You must be 18 and over" and bla bla bla bla.

Now, you get the picture. THIS IS OBVIOUSLY A GLITCH.
My Mum is waaay over 18 if you know what I mean.
 So I busted out laughing and my Mum was looking at me like I was an escapee from an asylum for crazy people.

Well done.

Welp, as you know I/ Adaline (Not Adi) started another blog, strictly for the dolls/her. So, if you like AG, please go over -> Here!

With much love, 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

About Me

Under Construction

Code name: Mads, Mada, Madi or Maddie
Birth Name: Madaline Maswell 
DOB: Its in the brief case.

Color: Cyan Blue or Baby Blue
Music: Lindsey Stirling, TobyMac, Owl City, Jamie Grace
Candy: Skittles or Watchamacallit
Article of Clothing: Baggy teeshirt

Pet Peeve:  Incorrect Grammar.

Favorite Quotes: "You must not quote yourself!" ~Madaline M.

Monday, July 27, 2015

~Kamikaze Over Me~

Alright so I think I am doing  sort of good with the blog :]
So I need answers, how do I put tabs on this here thingy? (I always love saying 'this here')
And also, as Adi knows, I do have AG dolls but I don't know whether to mix them here or make a whole nother blog for them.

Anyways! I have decided that everyone of my rambling posts shall have an Owl City lyrics as the title! So Comment below what the next one shall be. C:



                                           Can someone just, y'know, buy me the BatMan one? ;)

"Just because I don't squeal over those life threatening tall pencil heels does not mean I am not a girl." ~Me 

This is so sad ;-; I need a hanky. Someone.

;-; I'm sorry if I'm making you cri today. :'c

This is totally true. 


Alright, that's the end of today's rambling!